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When push comes to shove and you find yourself embroiled in a lawsuit, you need to make sure that you have a skilled and seasoned litigator on your side to help you defend your interests and advocate on your behalf. Whether you are a business seeking to resolve a dispute with one of your clients, or you are a person who was severely injured in a terrible accident and you need help financially recovering, getting the right attorney to represent you is incredibly important.

At Robert A. Skipworth, Attorney at Law, P.C., our founder has over 40 years of litigation experience that we leverage on behalf of our clients in cases across Texas and New Mexico. Our clients come to us because they know that they can rely on attorney Robert Skipworth’s knowledge and strategic experience to provide them with an insightful legal strategy that maximizes our advantages while minimizing any potential weaknesses in the case. Based in El Paso, attorney Skipworth is licensed in both New Mexico and Texas. To learn more about his credentials, please visit his biography page.

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At our office, we always strive to achieve the best possible result for our client, working diligently to ensure that attorney Skipworth is representing your interests effectively in court. We handle a broad range of claims for our clients, both commercial and individual clients. For individuals who have been injured, whether due to the intentional acts of another or negligence, we help them recover the fair compensation that they deserve through a personal injury lawsuit. This gives them the resources they need to recover medically and financially from their injury.

Many companies come to our office for representation in business transactions and business disputes, helping them to navigate these challenges so that they can focus on the growth and development of their enterprise. Whether this involves contentious litigation in court or resolving the dispute outside of the courtroom through arbitration or mediation, our attorney has the skills to help clients accomplish their goals. Many construction firms specifically seek us out due to Mr. Skipworth’s significant experience and skill in addressing construction-related transactions and disputes, as well as for assistance in acquiring the property with our real estate services.

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If you are seeking a seasoned and trial-tested litigator to help you with your legal issues, then you should come and speak with attorney Skipworth today to learn more about how we can help you. You can call our El Paso office by dialing 915-493-8545 or you can send a message through our website. You can rely on our founder to be equipped to serve your legal needs.