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For those engaged in commercial matters, disputes are inevitable in operating and doing business. Yet resolving disputes can prove difficult and expensive. It is why individuals and businesses choose to resolve such issues through mediation, arbitration and other alternative dispute-resolution methods.

At Robert A. Skipworth, Attorney at Law, P.C., we offer clients the opportunity to resolve their cases through alternative dispute resolution methods when it is possible because we know the benefits that these options offer to clients and want to give them all of their available options. Attorney Robert Skipworth routinely mediates matters concerning a wide variety of legal issues. His vast legal experience going back decades allows him to help parties come to agreement rather than have to resolve such issues in court. While often these cases will be litigated in a courtroom, many can also be settled outside of court through a much cheaper and simpler mechanism. Alternative dispute resolution through arbitration and mediation allows parties to resolve their disputes instead of going to court. In most cases, this results in an agreeable solution for both parties. Ultimately, it may be in the best interest of everyone. Robert Skipworth will listen to each party and recommend strategies where necessary to resolve legal disputes efficiently and cost-effectively.

Alternative Solutions To Business Dispute Resolution

Mediation and arbitration are two commonly recognized forms of alternative dispute resolution in commercial cases. Mediation allows both sides to enter into an agreed-upon solution. Alternatively, arbitration provides the parties with a quasi-judicial solution with an agreed-upon arbiter, who will use a simplified set of rules to decide which side prevails.

Often businesses choose mediation before engaging in litigation because there are very few downsides to resolving the dispute through a voluntary agreement. Parties can come together and negotiate a plan to move forward with their business, and if they are successful, they have avoided the need for litigation. If they fail to agree, they are not prejudiced by attempting to mediate the claim beforehand.

Arbitration, by contrast, is more often mandatory due to the contract terms that the parties agreed to beforehand in case of a dispute. These arbitration clauses typically determine where the arbitration shall take place, how the parties select an arbiter to resolve their dispute and the rules that will apply to the proceedings. Frequently, businesses and construction firms employ these mandatory arbitrations because the method is cheaper than litigating in court and is swifter at resolving disputes. Additionally, the selected arbiter can be more specialized in their dispute.

Our founder has more than 40 years of experience in resolving commercial disputes. Attorney Robert Skipworth is trained in alternative dispute mediation under Texas law.

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