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Real estate, construction and contract disputes can be complex, which is why El Paso, Texas-area residents rely on attorneys for legal guidance. Local homebuyers, home sellers, property owners and title companies turn to Robert A. Skipworth, Attorney at Law, P.C., because we have a reputation for finding solutions. You can feel confident turning to our real estate dispute attorney, too.

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We’ll Give You The Guidance You Need

Here’s how Robert A. Skipworth, Attorney at Law, P.C., can assist you with the following real estate matters:

  • Lease and closing contracts: We’ll review your contract to ensure that the terms are reasonable.
  • Condemnation actions: Our real estate dispute attorney will research similar cases to determine a fair compensation amount.
  • Property title transfers: Your attorney will handle the deed filing process so you won’t have to.

Are you dealing with a legal matter that’s not listed here? Contact Robert A. Skipworth, Attorney at Law, P.C., right away to learn how our real estate attorney in El Paso, Texas, can help you.